fitness bicycle

Tips for buying a fitness bicycle

There are numerous ways to keep fit, with most of them based on workout equipment. If you ask a professional trainer, he or she will advise you to start out your fitness journey using the simplest of tools, or the most natural workouts. This means that you only use your body along with simple tools to get in shape. Cardiovascular exercises, running, swimming, and even running a bike can be considered as intuitive ways to keep fit.

In today’s article, we will take a look at why cycling might be the best way to work out and what to look for when getting a workout bike.

Why cycling is the best work out



Given that there is a lot that has to be done within a day, it might be tricky to get sufficient time to work out. With a bicycle, it becomes easier to work out, in that you can simply use to commute, to and from work, which counts as a workout. This is why cycling is an intuitive exercise, given that it is easy to fix in a tight schedule.


Compared to registering for a gym membership, and fueling a car to visit the gym on a daily basis, riding a bike is much affordable. For the same value as two months of a gym subscription, you can get a good exercise bike.

Better for the environment

When you use cycling as your primary workout, especially while commuting, you will be helping conserve the environment. While vehicles burn fuel and emit carbon into the environment, you will be burning calories with zero emissions into the environment.

Selecting a workout bicycle

Here are some of the considerations that you should make when choosing an exercise bike.

Indoors or outdoors

Bikes come in two flavors, indoors or outdoors. An indoor bike is one that stays stationary with a cycling mechanism that allows you to work out without having to leave your home. An outdoor bike is what we are all familiar with. Think of it as a bike that you can use to go a grocery store.

Maximum load

Yes, bicycles do has a weight limit. Make sure that you check for this value before you get one.

Road or mountain bike

fitness bicycleIf you are going to buy an outdoor bike, then you have to decide whether you will be getting a road or mountain bike. If your terrain is smooth, with well-built tarmac or asphalt roads, then you should get a road bike. For a rugged terrain, it is best that you get a mountain bike.