girl with a vape

Protective Guides for Your E-Cigarettes

Vapes are often exposed to wear and tear. With the number of times a user brings out his vape from his bag, it is already susceptible to scratches. With most vapes being made out of glass, breakage happens when you accidentally drop yours. Sometimes, electornic cigarettes get misplaced, lost, or get interchanged with that of your friends.

These are guidelines on how you can protect your e-cig:

Don’t Put It in Your Wallet

Wallets are small and have narrow compartments. They are usually worn at back pockets. Putting your vape in it makes a great chance of you sitting on it. The same is true when you place it in the front pockets of your pants. It might get compressed. Leave your wallets for your paper bills while your pants’ front pockets are better off with your idle hands in it.

Use Vape Bands

To protect your electronic cigarette from falling, which can cause breakage, you should use bands. These are made out of rubber that help make your grip more secure. It is ideal when you put your vaping device in your bag or purse. It prevents your vape from getting all those scratches on its surface.

Follow Charging Tips

The manufacturer usually provides charging tips. They are written in manuals and should be followed accordingly to prevent accidents, like an explosion. Never leave your device unattended and always use compatible charge plugs. Required charging time should be followed as well.

Keep It from Adverse Temperature Conditions

Exposure of your vape to direct sunlight may cause it to become brittle, making it susceptible to breakage. Keep it from very humid areas as moisture can cause defects to it. Also, be careful not to let it soak in water as it may damage your vape permanently.

Use HypeWraps

Vape wraps or Juul Skins are made up of special kind of vinyl that makes an ideal cover for your vape. With its many designs and the option for you to customize your own design that only you can have, this will make the possibility of your vape getting lost or interchanged minimal. With glow-in-the-dark designs, you can easily find misplaced e-cigs at night.

People on the go usually go for small vapes. This makes them susceptible to loss, breakage, and wear and tear. The aforementioned tips will make you enjoy your present vape for the longest time possible.